Rapido system

Rapido connectors

Rapido Connectors make a quick and strong grid connection. Thanks to them, we need a few seconds instead of a few minutes for the necessary action. In addition, the process of connecting the wires is not bent, which guarantees the preservation of its maximum strength.

The Rapido can be used for both Ursus wire and barbed wire grids

Rapido Clamps

100 m grid, you can effortlessly pull the clamps using connectors and mounting Rapido. This powerful and handy tool can perform wire pull with a force of 300 KG.

Rapido Standard
  • 1,6 – 2,8 mm (for soft wire)
  • 1,6 – 2,5 mm (for hard wire)
  • 2 × 1,6 – 1,7 mm (for barbed wire)
Rapido Super
  • 2,5 mm – 4,0 mm (for hard and soft wire)
  • 2 × 2,1 – 2,5 mm (for barbed wire)
Table 1: Types of Rapido System
Type Rapido Rapido Super
Pcs. in a pack 240/500 180/300
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