About Us

Ogrodzenia Leśne (Forest fences) company was established in 2000. Our prices have not changed and are currently very competitive! We offer advice in choosing the type of fence, adjust to the expectations of our customers. We have completed a lot of orders. We cooperate with forest inspectorates, insurance services, agricultural organic farms, growers and breeders. We participate in many regional exhibitions and fares and international fares. Our current customers include companies co-operating on a contract, as well as individual customers.

We offer a wide range of mesh fencing using:

  • fencing pastures, grasslands, crops, orchards, forest fence
  • securing construction sites,
  • ogrodzenia dla hodowców bydła, daniela, owiec, koni, trzody chlewnej, jeleni, saren,
  • protect crops from rabbits, deer, wild boars.

Forest grid galvanized wire-quality has a 15 years-an anti-corrosion protection guarantee. High quality and a very good price. High flexibility allows companies to efficiently and quickly implement even small orders. You can negotiate any kind of transactions. We offer quick assembly and disassembly.

Join us!

Medium in winter AS Super - wire close up Małgorzata Klejna Fence in a warehouse