• Wire mesh of high tensile strength
  • Protected coating of zinc-aluminum alloy
  • Designed for protection of crops within an area of large groups of wild animals
  • The diameter of the vertical and horizontal wires: 2.50 mm
  • The wire diameter extreme: 3.00 mm


The wire has a very high tensile strength, tear is light yet robust grid. Small mesh size in the lower part of the grid enables a wide range of applications. Super fence is a reliable and professional product. Grid is not susceptible to impact and deformation. The excellent properties of the grid allows you to space the poles 8 to 10 meters apart, so installing a fence can be up to three times faster than other fencing!

Table 1: Characteristics of Super grid
Type of grid Wersja AS 200/17/15 S Wersja AS 200/17/30 S Wersja AS 200/22/15 S
Protects against Deers
Deers Deers
Height [cm] 200 200 200
Number of horizontal wires 17 17 22
The distance between the vertical [cm] 15 30 15
The zinc coating,
[g/m2] minimum, horizontal and vertical wires
3 × Zn 245
Super forest in the background Super - wire close up Super - wire intersection